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We don’t just solve problems. We engineer intelligent outcomes. Our clients come to us with the most unique and challenging situations and we find solutions that enable them to focus resources away from IT and towards activities that contribute to running and growing their business.

We’re a Partner for Success
While the details of each company’s situation are unique, many companies come to us with one of three challenges.

Some companies have mission-critical infrastructure they need to move to a colocation facility. Keeping their IT equipment in-house just isn’t cost efficient, and they want to find a way to lower costs and free up resources. They’re looking for mission-critical colocation.

Other companies acknowledge the benefits of the cloud, but aren’t ready to move forward with a full move to it yet. They’re looking for a cloud solution that can complement their existing infrastructure, where they can test new technologies or develop applications. They want us to help them with a hybrid approach.

For many, they want to move it all to the cloud. They’ve seen the flexibility it offers, they know how secure it can be, and they want their entire infrastructure to be in a more optimal environment. They’re looking to for a complete cloud migration.

We can do it all, and we have. Whatever your situation, we’ll help your company become another KIO success story.


Custom Cloud Solutions that Meet Your Business Needs

You’re ready. You know the cloud is the future of IT, and you want your company to make the move. You’re just looking for the right cloud environment for your applications and infrastructure.

The truth is, most pre-made solutions won’t work for you.  You might have to re-code some of your applications, or reconfigure the way your databases are managed.  But you shouldn’t have to.

KIO Networks believes you shouldn’t have to change the way you operate just to move to the cloud.  Instead, we focus on customizing an environment that caters to the way you do business today.  Solutions that force you to change just aren’t solutions.

We have customized environments for companies big and small, everything from a few VMs for a local website to a massive infrastructure for Accretive Solutions that supports global clients.  When you’re ready to make the move with a complete cloud migration, we’re here to help.