KIO Networks data center

KIO Networks is a global organization that provides a wide range of mission critical information technology. Since 2001, KIO has provided services that ensure its clients environments operate efficiently. KIO’s team of experts designs, implements, operates and manages our world-class IT infrastructure.

Our solutions in managed hosting, cloud services, colocation, connectivity, corporate security and homeland security, Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans (DRP) are ideal to both public and private sectors (large, medium and small companies).

All KIO Networks solutions are supported throughout its 32 data centers in a safe, scalable and professional environment. These Data Centers are designed under international standards and certifications for security, availability, infrastructure and process. This commitment to our networks and facilities makes them the most robust in the US, Mexico, Latin America and Europe.

KIO Networks Group is a world-class mission critical IT infrastructure and services organization. The company serves the global business community with its subsidiaries KIO Networks, redIT, Wingu Networks, MásNegocio, Dattlas and Sm4rt. Each business serves a unique role in the information technology space. From data centers to connectivity and hosting to data analytics, KIO Networks Group is proud to partner with enterprise and small businesses alike on a full range of IT services.

The word KIO is derived from Swahili. It means “mirror” and symbolizes duality and redundancy --- the essential elements of KIO´s services.


To be the most reliable partner for our clients in the IT industry by providing innovative, agile, consistent and customized mission critical services while constantly maintaining operational flexibility.


To position ourselves as leading experts in mission critical information technology services.

KIO designs and operates world class data centers in the US (San Diego), Mexico, greater Latin America, and Europe.